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Accoya Supplier Gloucestershire

Accoya® wood

Accoya is the trade name for a new product that features sustainably-sourced Radiata Pine timber, traditional wood, modified at molecular level. This timber is chemically modified to leave the internal cell structure relatively inert with a non-toxic, fully recyclable wood. Available in a range of grades and sizes, to correspond with different uses. Overall benefits are:

  • #1benefit is it’s outstanding durability
  • It’s highly resistant to the effects of moisture ingress
  • Notably it’s resistant to mould and decay in damp environments
  • It’s inherently stable and free from dimensional changes due to climatic effects
  • It’s extremely thermally efficient
  • Accoya machines easier than regular wood, producing a very flat surface and improved profile definition
  • Requires no special tools for cross cutting, ripping, planing, routing or drilling

It’s these physical advantages which can offer substantial benefits in a number of outdoor joinery applications

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