bespoke kitchen design

Bespoke Joinery Gloucestershire

The team at Loxwood were invited to design a bespoke, upgrade to a dated kitchen. With doors at either end of the kitchen, space was of a premium. The team came up with the following space-saving solutions:

  • A corner hob adds a unique feature to the ergonomic design and gives greater accessibility and flexibility.
  • Use of variable cupboard depths to maximise available space.
  • Note in particular, the custom-built five-tier drawer system.
  • Each cupboard and drawer was individually conceived and planned at Loxwood to tightly fit with the wall space available, but offering great storage space.

A stylish fitted kitchen with integrated cupboards and unique storage space saving solutions was designed to create a well thought out, easy-to-move around, roomy kitchen along with space still for a large dining table.