Bespoke Joinery Staircase Design Cheltenham

A contemporary staircase was required for this Cheltenham-based client.  Many of the staircases LoxwoodJoinery are called upon to supply are ‘traditional’ timber designs – often involving unusual space constraints, which make complying with Building Regulations a challenge.

The client simply required a single ‘straight flight’ hardwood staircase, contemporary and minimalist in design in Black American Walnut. This dark timber has a prominent grain pattern, chosen to contrast against the plain, light-coloured walls and other furnishings to give a striking impression within the home.  To increase the visual impact, the client requested no balustrade or handrail – only treads and risers were to be visible.

Sounds straightforward enough? Yet this project was to be far from easy.

Black American Walnut is commercially available but only in limited section sizes and lengths. The staircase was constructed using ‘engineered’ timber sections to provide the component sizes required whilst ensuring strength and stability; great care was employed in matching the timber grain patterns and shades for a uniform appearance.

A unique, concealed jointing technique was devised to ensure the staircase assembly was sufficiently rigid without requiring an outboard stringer – a wall-side stringer, in matching timber, is employed to provide a structural fixing to the wall, additionally serving as a mounting for recessed low-voltage lights which illuminate the treads.

A clear glass balustrade (handrail) was designed by LoxwoodJoinery to fit with both the contemporary, minimalist look the client required whilst ensuring compliance with Building Regulations. The glass panels were specially constructed using toughened glass panes bonded together; computer-controlled machinery was employed to ensure that each of the laminations was an exact match for each part. The glass panels are over 13 mm thick and polished so that the top edge can safely be used as a handrail.

Innovative design with skilled LoxwoodJoinery craftsmanship and close attention to detail resulted in an eye-catching contemporary staircase which we are all proud of!

By the way the stairs are … really awesome. Huge thanks from us…” AH, Cheltenham

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