New Build

Design & Build Cotswolds

A Cotswold-based client required a solution for their ever-growing family. Whilst the property had plenty of space upstairs, there was a need for more living area downstairs. An extension from the kitchen was identified as the most viable option.

The team at Loxwood were asked to quote and design for this project. In identifying the exact site location, the team were at hand to guide and assist the owners through the sometimes tricky, painful and complicated building planning process, especially as the property lies in a Conservation Area.

A gable-end style hardwood conservatory was recommended as the most appropriate design, in-keeping with Cotswold stone properties and the surrounding, rolling Cotswold views as well as sympathetic to the existing property: thus they were able to gain planning approval.

The extension itself incorporates the following:

  1. High specification glazing throughout, to give maximum insulation, strength and incredible amounts of light.
  2. A dwarf wall was incorporated into the design, so furniture can be placed against the low-built wall at the base of the extension, instead of glass and thus not seen from the outside, looking in.
  3. The extension includes a hardwood framed conservatory with an integrated bespoke structural roof.
  4. The windows and door frames were constructed using the Mitre Master application.

The trick, in this particular project, was integrating the two – the mitre master hardwood framed windows and doors with the traditional roof structure. Specialised skills were also necessary to fabricate a special box gutter: a timber structure with glass fibre to marry the conservatory roof with the existing house.

Inside the property, a water-feed underfloor heating system was installed, using a Loxwood preferred supplier, but managed by Loxwood on-site. Traditional oak floors were laid on top, to add warmth, character and enhance the light of the room.

In addition, to allow the longevity of the design and build, thermally broken residential aluminium* windows were installed. The slim profile window frames are in-keeping with the historic lines of the property, energy efficient and importantly low maintenance and long-lasting.

The windows were installed and set in stone surrounds, along with a trio of thermally broken aluminium French doors. The end result is a light, airy, well-insulated family living space, completely in-keeping with the older style of the rest of the property.


*Technical note: Whilst sounding inefficient, thermally broken aluminium windows are actually incredibly well-insulated. Aluminium is a great conductor of heat, which means it is a poor insulation in winter time and too hot in warmer climates. In creating a thermal break, usually between the outer frame to the inner frame, thus ‘stops’ the cold or the heat from transferring from one side of the frame to the other.

bespoke kitchen design

Bespoke Joinery Gloucestershire

The team at Loxwood were invited to design a bespoke, upgrade to a dated kitchen. With doors at either end of the kitchen, space was of a premium. The team came up with the following space-saving solutions:

  • A corner hob adds a unique feature to the ergonomic design and gives greater accessibility and flexibility.
  • Use of variable cupboard depths to maximise available space.
  • Note in particular, the custom-built five-tier drawer system.
  • Each cupboard and drawer was individually conceived and planned at Loxwood to tightly fit with the wall space available, but offering great storage space.

A stylish fitted kitchen with integrated cupboards and unique storage space saving solutions was designed to create a well thought out, easy-to-move around, roomy kitchen along with space still for a large dining table.